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The story of Halivia Design began in January 2020 and behind it are us, Reetta and Irina.

Our journey together began about twenty years ago in Hattula, when Irina came to Reetta's door to ask "can you hang out?". We went to both primary and secondary school and high school together; we also played the same sport on the same team for about ten years. We both graduated from the degree program in Business Administration with a degree in BBA and started working with the same company. So we’ve been friends for a while now and you could say we know each other almost to the core.

The two of us combine innovation and creativity. Reetta has always dreamed of her own company and she is full of new ideas. Reetta is more of a dreamer of the two of us and the one who encourages Irina to have the courage to do something. Irina, on the other hand, is the more creative of us who loves to make handicrafts. She knows how to create almost anything from yarns and knows how to implement Reetta's strange-sounding ideas, and by designing together we make wonderful products! Irina is that voice of reason and she smoothes Reetta’s enthusiasm; this is how we come up with useful ideas. So overall we are a great team!

We are both parents of young children and the idea of Halivia was born when we were both on maternity leave. We were looking for quality chunky knit products and chunky yarn, but we couldn’t find an option to fit in our budgets. We ordered the yarn for Irina to try and soon we got beautiful products that aroused the interest of other parents of young children as well. Halivia combines our love for quality children's products and Finnish handicrafts. We manufacture all products with care and love, and we demand a quality from the products that we would also accept for our own children.