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Child size mermaid blanket

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Cuddly merino wool mermaid blanket for movie nights or mermaid play time!

89,90 €

Does a little mermaid fan live in your house? This is a perfect gift! Mermaid blanket is a nice addition to child room's decor, movie night or mermaid  playtime! Every mermaid fan wants to get on of these. 

As each item is handmade, the item measurements can differ by a +/-4cm

Material:100% mulesing free merino wool. Pre-spinned merino wool’s texture is not twisted as normal yarn. Merino Wool is a very soft and delicate material. Please note that like with every wool the slight shedding of fibers is normal and not indicative of any defect. It will last long with proper care and the shedding will decrease over time.

Care: Merino wool products are luxury products and require special care. In order to preserve the soft and comfortable feel of the product, careful use is recommended.
To help with the shedding you can softly brush the product one-way with your hand. Remove debris by gently shaking the product.
WASHING: Merino wool is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-static. It disinfects itself in fresh air and is naturally resistant to odors. Merino wool’s antibacterial and odor resistant properties mean that it does NOT need to be washed

DRY CLEAN ONLY to make your favorite item to last longer.